Access Control Lines & Applications:

Gate Operators & Hardware- Advanced Access Automation, Chamberlain (Liftmaster, Edko, DC), Linear (OSCO), Apollo, FAAC, Hy-Security

Turnstiles- Alvarado, Tomsed

Loops & Detectors- Reno A&E, EDI, Diablo, National Loop, EMX

Phone Systems, Card Readers & Intercoms- AWID, Linear, Securakey

Download table showing typical specs for low security / medium security / high security systems.

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Access Control Systems
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  Access control systems combine gate operators with one or more control devices to allow or restrain entry or exit through a given point. Increasingly sophisticated hands-free technologies offer security and improved access control for residences, businesses and industrial sites. These standalone or PC-controlled devices include radios, key pads, card readers, bar code readers and telephone entry. Controlling Access Radio-controlled access is the preferred system for most residences. Larger properties and businesses typically require keypads, telephone systems or card readers which are available in a variety of efficient and cost-effective styles, including barcodes. Security Businesses and industrial sites requiring more sophisticated security frequently call for standalone and PC-controlled systems that log employee and visitor entrances and exits. To ensure the highest levels of security, these systems employ radio-controlled entry, proximity readers or keypads, or biometric security. Safety Whether for home or business use, safety is always a critical concern. All access control devices incorporate various alerts including photo cell detectors, reversing gate edge, electro-magnetic vehicle sensors or audio-visual alarms. All of which can stop a gate from closing on a person or vehicle.

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